Who we are

We are a team of professionals; we love our job and clearly see our goal – to create high quality, nice looking and user friendly web-sites.

Our experience and skills permit us to execute projects of any complexity.
We practice responsible approach to our work, because we understand the importance of the web-site as business instrument for our clients.
Why to choose us

The "turnkey" site - we offer a full range of services for the development, deployment, support and promotion of web projects.
"Technology" - we use modern approaches and solutions based on advanced information technologies.
"The Price" - we do not offer tariffs for development of sites, our pricing policy is based solely on the characteristics of each individual project.

Clean Style

We've created websites that are not only easy to navigate, but finally allow you to be proud of the look of your web presence.

Browser compatibility

Visitors of your site may use various browsers. Appearance of your site may vary from browser to browser, but we make sure that your site looks perfect in different browsers and on different platforms.

Responsive Design

We can go one step further with your website by making it display perfectly for mobile devices. Our Responsive websites are built to recognise what device is being used for viewing and therefore automatically renders the page layout to best suit the screen size, thus giving your customers the ultimate browsing experience.

Search Engine Optimization

We know and understand rankings, code, Google, links, content and site structure. And how to combine this with SEO to improve the traffic to your site.


Have a question? Need to add some content to your website? We know running a business is hard enough and though you have the tools to manage your website, there isn’t always time in the day. We offer support packages to fit any monthly need.

Web Hosting

Reliable Website Hosting is an essential element to a successful online presence. Using one of the industry’s strongest hosts, we provide Web Hosting in US and Europe data centers.

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  • SkyLessons - learning platform
    SkyLessons - learning platform
  • ZO Skin Health
    ZO Skin Health
  • Legbank PJSC
    Legbank PJSC
  • Hanzel & Gretel
    Hanzel & Gretel
  • Topstop
  • The Cozy Home
    The Cozy Home
  • Wedding Studio
    Wedding Studio
  • Mischka der Bär
    Mischka der Bär
  • Haydamaky - Kozak Rock
    Haydamaky - Kozak Rock

SkyLessons - learning platform

Project: Online Learning Platform «SkyLessons» - Teaching and learning are much more fun when it's only one on one.

Client: SkyLessons LLC / Site: Skylessons.Org

Features: SkyLessons makes the Site available as an online venue for online learning where Students and Tutors can locate and collaborate with each other and take advantage of the following services.

ZO Skin Health

Project: Web-site of the official representation of ZO Skin Health, Inc. in Ukraine

Client: RTL Aesthetics LLC / Site: ZOSkinHealth.Com.Ua

Features: Slider, catalog, news, articles, events, customer registration, feedback, full functionality of online store.

Legbank PJSC

Project: The Bank's website.

Client: «Legbank» PJSC / Site: Legbank.kiev.ua

Features: News, two type articles, slides & tabs, interactive forms, feedback, interactive maps.

Hanzel & Gretel

Project: Web-shop of children's furniture and toys.

Client: «Hanzel & Gretel» Store / Site: Hanzelandgretel.com.ua

Features: Slider, catalog, news, articles, reviews, customer registration, feedback, full functionality of online store.


Project: Online clothing store and lingerie of world famous brands from USA.

Client: «Topstop USA» / Site: Topstop.com.ua

Features: Catalog, news, articles, polls, reviews, customer registration, feedback, full functionality of online store.

The Cozy Home

Project: Site of Construction Company «Zatishny Budynok».

Client: «The Cozy Home» Co. / Site: KKBK

Features: Multilingual, news, catalog, articles, gallery, portfolio, reviews, feedback, map.

Wedding Studio

Project: «Angelina» design studio's website and shop.

Client: DS «Angelina» / Site: Wedding-Studio

Features: News, articles, slider, web-shop, comments system, feedback, map.

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  • wedding 4
  • wedding 5

Mischka der Bär

Project: Website of kindergarten «Mischka der Bär», Munich, Germany.

Client: «Mischka der Bär» / Site: Mischka der Bär

Features: News, articles, slider, registration form, photo gallery, feedback, map.

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  • mischka 2
  • mischka 3
  • mischka 4
  • mischka 5

Haydamaky - Kozak Rock

Project: «Haydamaky» - Rock Band Official Website.

Client: «Haydamaky» - Kozak Rock Band / Site: Haydamaky.Com

Features: Promo page, Backgroung Slide Show, Multi-language, photo gallery, video player, audio player, guestbook, integration with google-calendar, feedback.